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AUGUST: Community Wrap


8 August.jpg

Hello to those that wanted a reminder that we have a new community wrap up! @Pepsimax @The-red-centaur @jay2 @MoonGal @Faith-and-Hope @Maggie @Hamsolo01 @Teej @Shaz51 @PeppiPatty @outlander @Zoe7 @NatalieS @Mazarita @Sophia1 @Adge @Sans911 @frog @BlueBay


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This month we celebrate @Corny - you have been very open in sharing your own experience and utilised your own journey to share honest perspectives to others in support such as here. Sometimes just saying I get it, even though it sucks - is a really meaningful way to support another.
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Let us know what you think! We are currently conducting our annual evaluation of the SANE Forums. Whether you're a member, or just visiting the Forums, you are in an ideal position to provide information about your experiences of using the SANE Forums. Find out more and get involved here
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Tears are strength - @oceangirl here 
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