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Looking after ourselves

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

I need my car serviced but I am waiting until I am back at work as the place I take my car is directly over the road from the school. Have been taking my cars to the same place all my life - my family go to the same place - they do a good job and it is reasonably priced.

Sounds like you have a similar day to me - not a lot going on but getting out at some stage with the dog is on the cards @eudemonism

Do you drive far when you head out? Are there places you like to visit more than others?

I tend to just head to the beach when I need time out of the hosue and the bonus is Toby gets to run in the sand as well.

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

@eudemonism Hi Eude. 5-10 mins!!! That is fabulous you must be able to smell the ocean air from where you are. Must be beautiful Smiley Happy

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

Hi @Zoe7 i try to keep my trips small, as i have a thirty 6 cylinder, and plus wear and tear on car, it comes down to finances basically.
I rotate my trips, some places are 5 minutes away, some 10, some 15, some 20. My mate likes to drive alot, so often I'll tag along with him. It's good to get out and about. See the scenery, get fresh air and look around.
I'm probably spoilt for choices, because of where i live, there's alot of coastlines and national parks, however it does come down to costs and finances; majority of time.
Yea i was just thinking about servicing my car then, again, owning a car is a big financial burden, and big responsibility. If something major went wrong with my car, I'd truly be stuffed and on foot again.
I've been down to a parking bay with Misty, i put him on a long lead and let him sniff around, he truly has loads of energy, as soon as he is out and about, he just wants to, go, go, go... i put it down to his breed...
My friend came back from city, he took me and Misty for a drive out of town, plus he shouted me some smokes... i love smoking, it's pleasurable, it keeps me occupied, it keeps me busy, it breaks up the monotony of the day... it gives me a buzz... but literally, when I'm smoking 24/7 365 it means i cannot afford good food, it means I'm always going backward, it means I'm never dealing with my underlying illness and psychological problems...
I was in garden before... it's great watching everything grow, my backyard is probably 10×15 metres + a little bit down the side... and it's literally chaos out there-compared- to what my initial vision was...
But yea I've identified the problems I'm dealing with and I'm trying to do something about them... I'm hoping it's like a puzzle-meaning- i need to do abc to get to xyz

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

@greenpea yea pretty much... I'm hoping i can make better use of my location in future... especially once I've kicked all my disgusting habits and stopped beating myself up... how is things going for you today? My previous post to Zoe just about sums up my day, I've booked a double appointment with a doctor who I've been avoiding, although i think he's my best shot of proper health care, and building and maintaining an ongoing gp/patient report... plus have psychiatrist appointment in early November..

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

It is great that you got out and about today @eudemonism and even had some company. That was so nice of your friend to buy you cigarettes knowing the costm involved also.

I have done some gardening but didn't make it to the beach and is too late now as I would hit traffic and it would be too cold when I got there. I still need to be careful in cold weather as I can't afford to get sick again with work hopefully beginning soon.

My garden is about the same if not smaller than yours but it is perfect for me and my fur babies and easy to maintain when I can get out there. There are garden beds around 2 edges but the other side hasn't been done yet - that will take a lot more energy (and digging) to get sorted. Hopefully in the next holidays I can get some help to dig it all up and put the edging in. I don't have the energy or physical strength anymore to do it all myself as I did with the rest of the garden. 

I hope your GP appointment goes well for you. How did you go at the dentist?



Re: Sharing the wisdom within

@eudemonism Hi Eude. well not only my pdoc and mh nurse said I have to stay on my wretched meds but my psych too .... *cries*. I know what they are saying is right and true but I just hate the meds ... anyways enough about me sounds like you are having a productive day which is great and am so happy you are seeing your  pdoc in November. Wishing you well with both Eude xx

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

Yea @Zoe7 what's the go with hopefully working again? How long since you've worked? And how long did you initially work for?
My friend just gave me a couple. It's kind of a curse. Because I'll always have to be wary of him shouting me some tobacco if i ever withdraw and give up. I've shouted him heaps in the past.
Your garden sounds like a work in progress and a peaceful place you can go when things get to much.
The dentists went well. I've still got another two appointments to go.. hopefully it's all sorted when they done...
What's happening tonight?

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

@greenpea I'm hearing you with the meds situation. They fix one set of problems and create others. But truth be known. We'd be alot worse without them. Christ knows where I'd be without meds...
I'm not sure what to expect with my up coming pdoc appointment. There's not much else that can be done. I've plateaued as far as I'm concerned. So yea. I can't see what else they'll be able to do??? Which is indeed incredibly frustrating... the daily grind of life goes on...

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

It's been 2 years since I last worked @eudemonism Just need to wait for my GP to be back next week and then the person from HR can talk to her and hopefully from there a plan put in place for me to return for a couple of half days to begin with. All I can do for now is wait until that is all done.

Tonight I am going to relax after doing so much today. Maybe watch a little tv and then I think I will be in bed early - starting to get really tired now. What are you up to?

Re: Sharing the wisdom within

I'm feeling revved up @Zoe7 but i know there's not much left in the day. I got invited to a bbq and for beers. But i said no... I'm just watching the news, i think I need to have shower, wind down and process a few things that have wound me up...

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