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Looking after ourselves

Re: Creating Self-Care Projects

Hello @Margot, @Former-Member, @frog, @Dec, @Appleblossom

I used to do swimming, pottery classes I enjoyed doing years ago also jigsaw puzzles 

Now I find it a bit harder but I have started growing succulents 

Re: Creating Self-Care Projects

Hello @frog


Re: Creating Self-Care Projects

Hi @Shaz51 I'm a bit slow on the uptake.

I'm thinking about self care in the immediate sense today. Feeling quite anxious and overwhelmed.

I have something to look forward to - watching football with my daughter tonight.

Also planning 2 short walks, and I've made a start on my physio exercises.

How bout you? Are you planning any self care activities today?

Re: Creating Self-Care Projects

Hi @frog sounds like yiuve got your day planned. Which is great 😊

enjoy your day ❤️

Re: Creating Self-Care Projects

hi @frog

went and brought some new shoes for work , we had brunch in the city which was nice

having a coffee now at home

hello @BlueBay

Re: Creating Self-Care Projects

I collect succulents and cacti too @Shaz51


I don't have much of a garden due to space but I always have potten cacti and now succulents on my kitchen window sill - it means a lot to me to see green plants there but alas - they last for a long time and eventually give up


Actually I started writing in an old note book last night - plenty of empty pages there - and I wrote for quite a while and I was really surprised about what I wrote




And - I wrote this elsewhere but I am a collector - I collect crystal, owls, shells, pretty stones, some books and movies - and there are all put in such a way I can easily see them but actually - they all need dusting

Re: Creating Self-Care Projects

hello @cutekate, how are you today my friend

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