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Looking after ourselves

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

It has helped me too @Snowie - hopefully chat later Hon Heart

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

@Sans911 how did your appointment go?

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

My appt with my pdoc was pretty interesting today @Zoe7




Normally I'm in and out of her office in 10min. It's usually just a snapshot of my current mood, any issues that are bothering me, whether medication is working or not, and then see you in two weeks.


But today she wanted to know about my relationship with my mother, and had some questions about my background. We actually talked right up to the 30mins slot, and her phone rang to notify her of the next patient. I did not feel uncomfortable discussing those things, but I usually don't anyway with certain people.


She doesn't want to change or add medication, because of my high suicide risk, but I still remain on twice weekly pick ups from the hospital pharmacy. It's a little annoying, but the staff know me very well now, and it's not too far from home.


It's got cold quickly now as the sun sets. But I got my washing out on the line.



How did you go with your car search?


Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

It has been an interesting day for you today then @Sans911 - but good that your pdoc is on top of everything. I can understand that the twice weekly pickups are annoying - I only have weekly pickups and I am finding them annoying but I know it is for my safety and that is still an issue - only a minor issue but still having that temptation there is frought with danger - so I get it.

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

@Sans911 glad the session with your pdoc went well. She seems caring. Can too understand the twice weekly pick up but safer that way.....for now 💜

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

@Sans911 hope your feeling OK after session.
I've been on twice weekly pick ups for about a year. It's frustrating, but I understand why. I was working to going to weekly but my current month might have delayed that.

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

@outlander you are lighting up my notifications with your likes - how was the car - any good?

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

@Sans911 im glad this morning went ok. waiting is often the longest part but at least its over and im glad its all clear too.
sounds like your pdoc is trying to understand more about you in smaller incriments. sounds like you both have a good plan in place for now for your safety Heart

@Snowie @Sans911 @Zoe7 the bloody car well.... it was quite an adventure let me tell you! what was suppose to be an hr and a hrs took 2 hrs one way and 3 hrs the other. im only just getting home. i spent an hr and abit at the dealership and there was a problem and i said if you fix it ill buy it. so they got it fixed on the spot, only something minor (fault tyre making everything wobbly). so i brought it. i am very glad i took the trip up and i must say i think i done well basically on my own- drove a new car on my own, in the dark with a storm ( i dont do well in storms at all) with fog, in an unknown area and in a very built up place (dont do well in heaps of traffic either) as well as driving those all those hrs. lots of firsts for me today. my hands flared up though because of the driving and all because i was stressed coming all the way home i gripped the steering wheel so bloody hard.

anyway im home, i have a new car and theres no way im doing tha again anytime soon! tonight will be a breather as tomorrow is again another busy day from morning till arvo. theres something stressing me about tomorrow as something happened today but i guess ill have to deal with that tomorrow...

Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing



Frustrating for you and me, but it's nice I'm not the only one. I've been on this system for nearly a year, and everytime I think maybe this time she'll let me go weekly, I trip up. I understand her concerns.



Re: The Challenges of Mental Health Wellbeing

oh wow what a day you have had but A NEW CAR - yea you got it - woohoo @outlander

Tackle tomorrow when it comes - for tonight enjoy the fact you got the car Hon Heart

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