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Hello @Libra

Maybe there is a way you can tell the MH team by phone.  My son also preps me for sessions. (My son has an autism presentation and is not interested in drugs.)

Just a thought, Your relationship with your son is PRIMARY.  That he told you he used ice, is a sign of his good relationship with you.  Be careful how you tell the doctors. I would not jeopardise his trust. It is wise they know because of dosages and interactions, but turning it into a shaming session might be counterproductive.

With the level of his paranoia and delusions, it is much more serious than a boy being naughty and deliberately getting drugs.

He is in pain and there is some relief/ even if temporary and longer term damage possible.

It may have been his last dabble with it.

I would work on his trust with you, more than a punitive approach.  Work with any past interests/strengths your son has that may help him break out of the delusionary states and bad habits. Maybe something new.

It is very difficult for you both. My heart goes out to you. Best wishes.


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